Thursday, February 17, 2011

Married Men Make Better Ethics

IF you feel the change in attitude after marriage, there may be a reason. For according to a recent study, the behavior of married men tend to be less aggressive and more ethical than unmarried men.

Results of research from Michigan State University showed, reason for the statement in part because of the influence of the marriage bond itself and partly because men tend to be antisocial no longer spend time with her friends.

The researchers found that men who are very antisocial, defined as male aggression, lack of remorse, no responsibility, and deny the rights of others-tend to be less willingness to be bound in marriage than men are less antisocial.

"Antisocial personality disorder is often misunderstood as an asocial, but this is a pattern of behavior that ignores and violates the rights and safety of others," said study author S Alexandra Burt, professor of psychology at Michigan State University.

Well, marriage is suspected to reduce anti-social tendencies, said the researchers.

"If you're tied to someone else (like spouse), you will likely notice their rights," Burt said, as quoted by Thirdage, Friday (02/18/2011).

On the other hand, the criticism delivered psychiatrist Dr. Christos Ballas of the University of Pennsylvania by saying that these aspects are studied in this investigation as "ridiculous".

"Of course, married men reduced antisosialnya behavior, even he does not have the opportunity to be involved in it. Can she go out every weekend for clubbing? Not because he's become a better person, but because the institution of marriage required him to be more frequently at home, "said Ballas.

In the study, the research team also observed pairs of identical twins, one was married, while others are still single. They found that married twins usually show less antisocial behavior than her twin who is not married.

Burt theorized that the bond of marriage, we become less antisocial because they have to spend more time with your partner and ignoring other antisocial friends who are still struggling with the problem.

"Our time is reduced with an antisocial peers. Instead of hanging out with friends all the time, we chose the wife," he added.

The positive impact became husband also seemed more powerful in a good marriage than the bad, the researchers said.

"The stronger and the better the marriage, the lower the level of antisocial behavior of a man," said Burt.

In the end, the study authors concluded that the relationship between marriage and good behavior is quite complicated.

"Our results indicate that the rate of decrease in antisocial behavior in men married more complicated than we thought before," said Burt.

"Marriage is generally good for men, at least in terms of reducing antisocial behavior, but the data also indicate that the entry in the marriage institution is something that must be planned carefully," he said.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Things that Need to Avoid When Dating

boyfriend invite you a date next week. In addition to preparing themselves (inner being too happy), there are things to note about the conversation you will do later.

We do not want to until he does not return your call after the next meeting, right? For that see some of the following guidelines, as reported by Datingtips.

Avoid the following:

- You talk, but he did not listen.
- you dominate the conversation.
- You show an excessive interest against him.
- Your conversation sounds heavy, because you are discussing politics and religion.
- You test it alone.

Ladies, a date should be the day where you have fun. Do not try too hard to impress with not dominate the conversation. Show sincere interest as he spoke, ensure two-way conversation is established light and chose a general topic, instead of discussing politics and so forth. Treat him as you want to be treated.

Habits To Increase Career

WHAT you feel like a career path in place? Does everyone seem to get a chance for a raise and promotion, while you work the more enterprising but rather in vain? Maybe it's time to reposition ourselves and no other time than now!

So, use the opportunities this new year to start again from scratch. Know the following five habits that will help you more advanced, as reported by iDiva.

Define specific goals

If you do not have the specific goal of at least one course, do not terkajut if you remain in the same position until the end of 2011. Make a list of professional goals this year. For example, want to take over the three new projects, develop a role in the company and dreamed of office manager. This will make you focus and try to achieve it.

Update CV

Of course you're happy with your work, but that does not mean you're not ready if there is a better chance to appear before you. Not only that, update your CV to see how far the progress that you have done. If your CV is so-so only, then it was a sign to be wary.

Connections, connections, connections!

Today everything depends on connections. Do not limit yourself to social networking sites. Develop your connection. Meet new people in another department where you work.

Investing in yourself

Time to develop our minds. Which one you choose, web design, communications or marketing? Everything will help confidence and your career. more expertise to distinguish between good employees or not. Expand your skills and knowledge this year.

Obey the unwritten rules

You know all the rules, timely and full of deadlines. But also know all the unwritten rules. Indeed, no one will watch, but refuses to obey will only hamper your career advancement.